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Dearly Departed – The Remains Of Marianne Mayweather – CD Review

While the music revolution of the early '90s that took place in Seattle will most likely not be seen again, Long Island appears to be the scene of the newest musical evolution. Bands are popping up day in and day out that have taken rock and added a healthy dose of human emotion. That union has resulted in music that not only gets your body into it, but also your heart.

Groups such as Thursday, Taking Back Sunday and Midtown have began to make a name for themselves with their emo-tinged hardcore. Now, a band named Dearly Departed seem poised to join the evolution with their brand of emotional rock.

The next step after Creed and Nickleback, Dearly Departed use solid musicianship to fill the listener with emotions like a summer sunset. A beautiful melody, sorrowful lyrics and a stirring voice come together in a moment of purity that enrapture you before ending just a little too soon.

Their EP, The Remains Of Marianne Mayweather, hopefully is a promise of things to come. With just over 20 minutes of this post-grunge rock and roll, the disc puts the skills of guitarists Jeff Bodzer and Ryan Albrecht on display alongside the understated bass of Joe Rubino and the solid work of drummer Danny Lopez. Mike Mallamo, who narrates this tale of heartbreak, provides the striking vocals.

It is not too hard to see grunge stalwarts Screaming Trees and Candlebox within Dearly Departed's songs. “Masking Tape For The Broken Hearted” could easily fit among the tracks on a new Singles-type soundtrack.

With an expanded budget and high-profile producer, Dearly Departed could easily find their niche among the mainstream rock of today.

For more on the band, check out www.dearlydepartedmusic.com

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