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Damageplan – New Found Power – CD Review

The much anticipated, and worried-over, debut from Damageplan is finally here. And it was worth the wait. The Aggro/Powercore assault of Damageplan is phenomenal to say the least….

This 2004 opus, “New Found Power” [Elektra/Asylum Records], combines elements of Aggro, Powercore, Thrash, and melodic inflections into a brutally satisfying experience. Their unique, groove-drenched style bleeds gut-crushing intensity. Darrell‘s guitar wizardry is sharper than ever. Pat Lachman‘s (DIESEL MACHINE) vocals alternate between clean, deep soulfulness and fiery growls.

The range is diverse here, from the blistering “Wake Up” to the sorrowful, melodious ballad “Soul Bleed.” Other killer tracks include “Breathing New Life,” “New Found Power,” the slithering crunch of “Crawl,” “Blunt Force Trauma,” and “Cold Blooded.” Damageplan is excellent.

Overall, Damageplan has released a monumental debut for 2004. It may feature two former members of Pantera, but this is a whole new wonder to behold. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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