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D.R.I. – Dirty Rotten CD – CD Review

From the Halls of Montezuma to some Punks that really Thrashed…. The reissue of D.R.I.‘s “Dirty Rotten” CD [Beer City Records] is a must for any fan of classic 1980’s Thrash Metal mayhem. It’s a torrential display of biting guitar frenzy, and rabid socio-political commentary.

D.R.I. leaned much more strongly on the Punk Rock dynamic of the Speed Metal sound than other bands of this style did. Their songs are short, rapid, and acidic-bursting exchanges of breakneck rhythms and blast-beats typically clocking-in at just under two minutes. (That’s why there’s over 30 songs on this enhanced CD.)

The best of these cuts include the furious “My Fate To Hate,” “I Don’t Need Society,” “Sad To Be,” the blistering “Plastique,” “Balance Of Terror,” “Violent Pacification,” and the bonus track “No KKK (Beer For Breakfast).” Two of the other bonus tracks include “Live Radio Interviews From KPFT In Houston – (Circa 1982)” and “Live Performance at CBGB’s – (’83).”

Overall, D.R.I. is a great Thrash band…even if you don’t agree with their politics. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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