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Cripple Bastards – Desperately Insensitive – CD Review

Italy is known for many things, but it is not renowned for its great Metal bands. But one act that should be widely known about is the wildly cool Grindcore band Cripple Bastards. Their 2004 opus, “Desperately Insensitive” [Necropolis Records], is a bruiser of Crust/Grind genius reminiscent of Rotten Sound and Dying Fetus. This one is guaranteed to destroy those quiet thoughts in a hellish torrent of primal ferocity.

Combining powerful, slower Crust brutality with sheer Grindcore fury, Cripple Bastards creates crushing grooves that bleed hook. The vocals alternate between guttural growls and shrieksi?1/2these torque through dense, metallic guitar barrages of relentless intensity. The rhythms are tight, heavy, and totally crazed. Cripple Bastards is like getting dropped by a wrecking-ball….

Some of the killer cuts include the visceral “Bomb ABC No Rio,” “Being Ripped Off In 2002,” the spine-cracking “Cardboard,” “I Hate Her,” “Get Out And Bite Them,” and the shredding “Desperately Insensitive.” Cripple Bastards is exceptionally cool.

Overall, Cripple Bastards has a solid, fiery dynamic that is brilliantly primal. They’re one of the best Grindcore bands around. Stay savage. Farewell.

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