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Creeper Lagoon – Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday

Okay.  Before anyone out there jumps down my throat, I will admit right up front that this is the first time I have heard an entire CD by Creeper Lagoon.  Yes, I am a fan of what has been labeled “emo” by the powers that be, whoever they are.  Yes, I know my shit.  But no, I’ve never sat down and listened to an entire collection by this band.  So cut me some slack, all you corduroy-wearing, horn-rimmed sporting, little vegans.  M’kay? And even that was said with humor, love, and respect.

So here I go, diving to this review “blind”.  No homework.  No press kit.  No Internet research.  Just a name I know, and a band that I have heard has earned much respect in their genre by colleagues and fans alike.  Just listening for the first time, to the latest release.  What I doknow is that two guys began the band and now there are four.  I know that they have two CDs that were released prior to this new one that they’ve decided to call Take Back the Universe and Give Me Yesterday (Dreamworks).  I know that the songs are playful, and enjoyable, and not in a contrived, “Let’s be popular”, cheesy way.

So.  How does this stuff make me feel?  Creeper Lagoon feels like a return to a bit of my first experiences with the phenomenon, which became ’emo’.  This vocalist sounds undeniably influenced by the great, respected, folky Bob Dylan who is, perhaps the original Emo Dude.  I’m hearing a lot of his ghost hanging out in the studio with this band while they recorded.  I’m also hearing some U2 Edge-iness in the guitars on a track called “Sunfair”.

I’ve got a few favorite tracks:  “Up All Night”, “Wrecking Ball” and “Naked Days”.  And that’s just so far.  This is no frills music; very laid back, easy to handle, and good to slide into the CD player on a Sunday morning drive while you’re doing errands.  It’s as simple as that.  Try some.

Lesa Pence

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