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Converge – Unloved And Weeded Out – CD Review

One of the pioneers of metalcore, Converge has released numerous EPs, splits, LPs and has been included on dozens of compilations. Formed back in 1990, the quartet became one of the prime influences on the bands that make up the recent new wave of hardcore.

To ease the financial burden on their fans, they have brought their some of their rarer tracks and demos together on Unloved And Weeded Out (Deathwish Records).

Downpour” which was formerly only available on the band's out of print 5″ EP, is Unloved And Weeded Out's opening chapter. Converge elected to make a video for the song, which is available online at www.unlovedandweededout.com.

The song “Flowers And Razorwire” is one of the album's high points, and was quite appropriately named. Featuring moments of pristine melody, Kurt Ballou's guitars and Jacob Bannon's vocals slice precisely across and along the groove set by bassist Nate Newton and drummer Damon Bellorado (who has since been replaced in Converge by Ben Koller). The group then brings it all together for a simple, smooth instrumental ending to one of the release's longest tracks.

Ballou, who remixed and remastered all of the tracks opens another of the five-plus minute assaults, the “Home Song“, with some sugary sweet strumming. Then, of course, a switch is flipped and Converge goes into full thrash mode, battering and screeching along until the next groove interlude.

The rest of the album has few instances of pure melody, as it runs through a few demo tracks which are alright, but were obviously left off prior releases for a reason. Most have good, poetic lyrics (especially “When Forever Comes Crashing“) but they are raw, and all over the board.

Unloved And Weeded Out is capped with two frantic live songs, recorded in California a few years back – “Locust Reign” and “This Is Mine“. On this, as with the rest of their releases, Converge can look at the underground hardcore scene of today and lay the same claim.

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