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Conspiracy A.D. – Humanity = Destruction – CD Review

In the depths of a shining abyss, twisted and beautiful, was forged the resplendent darkness…. Conspiracy A.D. burns with just such a darkness. Their 2004 opus of abysmal brilliance, “Humanity = Destruction” [Crash Music, Inc.], pristinely fuses together elements of Melodic Death Metal, Swedish Death, Industrial, and Grindcore. The result is simply amazing.

Integrating blasting Grind rhythms, intense grooves, and both shrill and guttural growls, Conspiracy A.D. obliterates. Melodious inflections and softer nuances are used lightly, without sacrificing intensity. Conspiracy A.D. is complex and brutal.

The best of these vicious, visceral wonders includes the primal siege of “The Endless Darkness,” the instrumental melancholy and frenzy of “Prelude To The Apocalypse,” “Tales From A Dark Soul (Bleed You White),” the powerful “Death And Blood,” and “Hillers Of Justice.” Conspiracy A.D. is fiery, ferocious, and epic.

In conclusion, Conspiracy A.D. is fiercely dynamic and absolutely awe-inspiring. Don’t miss this masterpiece, a plan for world domination. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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