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Comeback Kid – Wake The Dead

In the ever-growing morass of modern Hardcore, it’s nice to see a young band with some of that Old School vibe. Comeback Kid does this brilliantly. Their 2005 sophomore opus, “Wake The Dead” [Victory Records], rattles your bones and shatters tombstones. Waking the dead is a possibility here….

Starting as an offshoot of FIGURE FOUR, Comeback Kid has really come into their own right. Powerful, clean yells dredge a catchy, hook-ripping rhythm onslaught. It’s a dense, raw guitar barrage that bleeds solid intensity. Comeback Kid is punishing.

Noteworthy cuts include the maelstrom of “Wake The Dead,” “False Idols Fall,” the angst-driven edge of “My Other Side,” “Final Goodbye,” and the riotous “Talk is Cheap.” Comeback Kid has an impressive, Straight-Edge feel that is unique.

Overall, Comeback Kid is killer, Old School Hardcore for the new world. So, wake the dead. I dare you…. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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