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Centinex – Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos – CD Review

As the darkness slips into consciousness, every truth becomes an abyss. From the most shadowed realms of aggression returns the fiery Centinex. Their 2004 ode to the grim, “Decadence – Prophecies Of Cosmic Chaos” [Candlelight Records], is a slick aggregate of Black Swedish Death Metal and Dark Metal aesthetics. This is their best release yet.

Combining cold, dark atmospheres with harsh, mechanical precision, Centinex fuses power into sheer aggression. Furious, shredding rhythms impale masterfully executed guitar leads of virtuoso skill. There are plenty of blood-drenched grooves… often missing in conventional Black Metal. The vocals switch-off between guttural growls and raw-edged shrieks.

The best of these eviscerating wonders includes the bombastic bleakness of “New World Odyssey,” the relentless shred of “Misanthropic Darkzone,” “Mechanical Future,” the tenebrous glory of “Hollowsphere,” and “Arrival Of The Spectrum Obscure.” Centinex obliterates….

Overall, Centinex has created one of the BEST Black Metal albums of 2004. Few others will even compare. This one sets a new standard for greatness. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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