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Caviar – Self-titled

Beck, Eve 6, Oasis, Veruca Salt, Everclear, Cake, Weezer… you know who they are. Those KROQ-radio friendly bands that put out those edible, rock candy Summer songs that become an American standard. Add a polished silver spoonful of polished production to your toast point. Take a bite of this. Put on your ‘Tangerine Speedo’ and have some Caviar.

These are four boys that obviously just wanna have fun. Caviar’s self-titled debut on the Island label is getting heavy rotation on KROQ via the aforementioned single, ‘Tangerine Speedo’, and there is more than likely a loving relationship developing between the teen and twenty-something audience as a result. The cleverly-written songs have a college party feel to them that no doubt, will go over quite well at frat galas across the states.

If you’re hungry for something familiar, but perhaps a little more upscale, pick up some Caviar. Dish them up at poolside, with a few strong martinis, and share with friends. Don’t forget your sunscreen. Merely a serving suggestion, of course.

Lesa Pence
– lesa@unearthed.com

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