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Carnal Forge – Firedemon – CD Review

Some things defy the laws of physics. One of those is the 2001 opus, titled “Firedemon” [Century Media Records], by Carnal Forge. Carnal Forge takes a relentless form of Swedish Death Metal and gives it a brutal sensibility. Blasting, breakneck guitars scrape against frenzied rhythms, catchy melodies with a crazed virulence, and shrill Death growl vocals. Brutal, hook driven rhythms stitch these distinct elements together into a tight, vicious work of brilliant mayhem.

The best cuts include “Covered With Fire (I’m Hell),” “Pull The Trigger,” the aptly named “A Revel In Violence,” “Defacer,” the bludgeoning “I Smell Like Death (Son Of A Bastard),” and my favorite, the brutally ferocious “Too Much Hell Ain’t Enough Hell For Me.” This is a feral display of true violent beauty.

In conclusion, this is a pure, relentless onslaught of brutish Swedish Style Death Metal with a fiery rage. So revel in the violence. Stay savage. Farewell.

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