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Bush – “The Science of Things” – CD Review

It’s a love/hate thing for most people. Some dismiss this band as a pretty-boy, teenybopper thing, and others take them far too seriously. Some just listen and don’t say anything. Some just feel. When it comes to Bush, I’ve always been one of those people that just feels. Or at least I try, in the face of all the opposition. I’m used to being made fun of. I like Silverchair a lot, too.

Personally, I think Gavin Rossdale‘s mind must either be totally complex and beyond any human comprehension, (perhaps he’s an alien?) or he’s just mental. I’ve never ventured that deep into it to try to figure him out. All I know is that lyrically, Bush’s music is ‘hella-confusing’ at times, and painfully easy to relate to at others. Musically, they are moody, dark, and strangely alterna-friendly to the point that mainstream radio stations eat Bush in large helpings at every opportunity. (Whoa, did I just say, “eat bush”?) Radio, MTV, and those soundtrack people just ask for seconds of this band, and never ask questions. Anyway, whatever.

I like ‘The Science of Things‘ which is the latest release on the Trauma Records label. The band is utilizing some of the interesting technological advances and offerings that come to bands with money, yet the core sound that made them famous isn’t lost. I can respect that. And dammit, Gavin can sing! His grainy vocals and broken moans are exactly what you need for a first date or maybe some good make-up sex. I remember sitting on the stage while Bush played a show at the Roxy back when they were supporting their debut CD, ‘Sixteen Stone’. I thought Gavin could sing then; and his band could play, and play well. Bush is mellow, yet still at an edgy enough level that works when things really heat up between you and your significant other. In other words, ‘The Science of Things‘ is highly-recommended, by yours truly, as mood music!

There are songs on this CD that tug at your heartstrings, and others that just plain rock. The crowd and radio pleaser, “The Chemicals Between Us” is cleverly written and creative. My personal favorites, however, would have to be “40 Miles from the Sun” – a perfect soundtrack candidate for an episode of Roswell on the WB – “Mindchanger” which totally reminds me of older material that they may have resurrected and just changed here and there – and the one that made me instantly get misty, “Letting the Cables Sleep.” Don’t ask what that title means, just listen. Feel it. You might discover your sensitive side. Even if you aren’t quite sure what it’s trying to tell you.

Lesa Pence

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