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Buchanan – demo – CD Review

I'd have to say my main problem is my short attention span when it comes to actually doing anything constructive. Let me explain, before I tell you about this demo I've got sitting in front of me right now, from a band entitled Buchanan. You see, I have this expensive habit of purchasing things, mainly instruments. I get something, and suddenly I don't feel like doing anything else. I plead guilty on the charge of putting off writing a review for this Buchanan demo on the grounds that I got a set of Bulgarian bagpipes around the same time. Finally, Miss Doubtfire got on my case enough about writing something about the cd instead of just listening to it constantly.

I heard Miss Doubtfire listening to the cd a few times before I took it for my own, always at a very discreet volume, for some reason (which is very unlike her) thus I never got the opportunity to REALLY listen to it until I commandeered it. The one thing that caught me when Miss Doubtfire listened to it was this guy's voice, Jay Buchanan. He possesses a voice with the roughness of Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) and combines it with the passion of David Gray. I was rather impressed before I even heard the music fully.

Despite the fact that it could use a little more refinement in the studio, it's an exceptionally good cd, especially for a demo! The guitaring features minimal electronic effects, yet is capable of sounding quite spacey and intense at once. As I said prior, Jay Buchanan's voice is chocked full of raw passion.

I'd hate to call this music “minimalist” because that tends to bring the image (at least to me) of some fellow in a black turtleneck, a beret, and dark sunglasses, beating on bongo drums and spouting spontaneously. This ain't that. This music feels almost folksy, with a nice rock edge to it, yet it's not cluttered whatsoever, as one tends to hear in most modern music. Instead, we have simple rhythms, good yet not overpowering guitaring, and the richest and most passionate vocals ever heard.

Now, I hear they've got a die-hard fanbase in Fullerton and throughout Orange County. I can definitely understand why. This music is intense in a way that we can all feel. It speaks to everyone who listens on a passionate, personal level. All in all, two thumbs up for the demo, and I hope these guys are planning on putting out a full album, because that'll definitely be on my list.

– Lincoln Logolas

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