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Boysetsfire – Tomorrow Comes Today – CD Review

Boysetsfire is an amazing dynamic in contrasts.  Juxtaposing beautiful Melodic Hardcore against brilliant Metalcore ferocity, they have created an enthralling style.  Their 2003 opus, “Tomorrow Comes Today” [Wind-Up Records], is easily one of the best of the year.

Moving from Melodic Hardcore to stark Metalcore aggression, Boysetsfire executes both aspects of their style flawlessly.  Smooth, melodious moments of heavy Hardcore maelstrom are crowned by a clean, powerful vocal barrage.  Shrill, harsh growls sharpen intense, discordant Metalcore roar.  And this fiery dynamic of polar opposites is exceptionally brilliant.

The best of these killer tracks includes the savage glory of “Release The Dogs,” “Management Vs. Labor,” “Foundations To Burn,” the super melodic cut “White Wedding Dress,” the aggressive “Eviction Article,” and “Dying On Principle.”  Boysetsfire does music with a fierce perfection that commands awe.

Overall, Boysetsfire has released an amazing opus in “Tomorrow Comes Today.”  This one is a definite winner.  Stay savage.  Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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