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Beaten Back To Pure – The Burning South – CD Review

One of the coolest bands to come along in aeons has to be Beaten Back To Pure. Their 2004 opus, “The Burning South” [This Dark Reign Records], is Southern Doom Grind at its finest and fiercest. (Think Acid Bath fused with Corrosion Of Conformity, and you’ll get a solid notion of their style.)

Beaten Back To Pure takes the visceral elements of Doom, Swampcore, Metalcore, Death, and Grindcore and adds some Gothic and Blues moodiness. Eclectic and extreme, Beaten Back To Pure is instantly addictive. Softer, melodic moments offset their incredible brutality. Guttural growls are sparsely juxtaposed by clean, deep vocals. The rhythms are fluid but intense. And the guitar work is amazing; blasts interchange with slick solos. Beaten Back To Pure is just so good….

The most amazing of the cuts includes the instrumental “Vertigo,” the Bluesy stomp of “Where The Sewer Meets The Sea,” “Running Out Of Neck,” the Gothic/Death ode “Smothered In Sundress,” and my favorite, the Gothic/Doom Grind epic “One Shovel And A Place To Die.” Beaten Back To Pure is the best thing since the mighty Acid Bath.

I’m hooked.

Overall, Beaten Back To Pure is too killer for words. So get yourself purified, and brutalized. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

Bill Vogel III
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