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American Head Charge – The Feeding – CD Review

Having been a fan of American Head Charge since I first heard “The War of Art” back in 2001, I was really looking forward to hear the latest offering from AHC, “The Feeding” on Nitrus Records/DRT Entertainment. The band has gone through a few line-up changes, but the overall sound of American Head Charge is still hard, heavy and in your face. “Loyalty“, the opening track to “The Feeding,” is a brutal example of what American Head Charge has to offer.

Cameron Heacock‘s vocals are infectious, switching from screaming to an almost cocky-ish demeanor. The mesmerizing guitars on “Pledge Allegiance” by the Karma Cheema and the late Bryan Ottoson really sicks out and forces your to move your body as if Karma and Bryan were some sort of demented snake charmers. Justin J. Fowler (keyboards) adds some pretty wicked sound effects while Mr. H. C. Banks III (bass) and Christian Emery (drums) round off the backend with powerful grooves and thunderous beats.

The stand out tracks are “Dirty“, “Loyalty“, the hypnotic “Pledge Allegiance“, “Take What I’ve Taken“, the unnatural sounds of “Fiend” and “To Be Me.American Head Charge is back and is ready to kick your ass.


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