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All That Remains – This Darkened Heart – CD Review

In the realm of Melodic Death Thrash, few can compare to the ferocious All That Remains. While Shadows Fall gets the biggest acclaim from the genre, All That Remains has a sharper sound. Their 2004 masterpiece, “This Darkened Heart” [Prosthetic Records], perfectly fuses melodic darkness and sheer power.

Intensity, melody, and caliginosity into the eclipse and gloom of true radiant darkness is where All That Remains is coming from. Light flashes of Metalcore abrasiveness add even more edge. Guttural growls, shrieks, and clean vocals create a dynamic of furious revolution. Massive guitar blasts interchange with intricate, virtuoso quality leads.

All That Remains is as epic and timeless as Edgar Allan Poe. And their lyrics have a tenebrous poetic quality as well.

The tracks of the most vicious eloquence include the fierce energy of “The Deepest Gray,” the apocalyptic power of “This Darkened Heart,” “And Death In My Arms,” “For Salvation,” and “Passion.” All That Remains is aggression at its very best.

In conclusion, All That Remains is an amazing act worthy of praise. This band sets the new standard for greatness. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

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