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Aeturnus – A Darker Monument – CD Review

A darkened glory shines in the abysmal Aeturnus, whose power is epic, pristine, and brutal. Their 2003 opus of hellish brilliance, “A Darker Monument” [Lumber Jack/Candlelight/Nocturnal Art Productions], is as bleak as it is beautiful. Aeturnus masterfully creates Epic/Dark Death Metal that is flawless and ferocious.

Combining elements of Black Metal, Melodic Death Metal, and Dark Death Metal, Aeturnus welds together a stunning masterpiece of sublime brutality. Shrieks crown utter, growled vocals. Frenzied blasts sharpen expansive, dark grooves of guitar density. Aeturnus goes for the throat and kills….

The best of these wickedly cool, bloodthirsty cuts includes the abyss radiance of “Darkstorm,” “Litany Of Ra,” the crushing power of “Genocide Delight,” “Slavestate,” and “Seen Through Abhorrent Eyes.” Every song is impressive though. Aeturnus is gloriously savage—a true wonder of cataclysmic excellence.

In conclusion, Aeturnus is an amazing Epic/Dark Death Metal act worthy of much praise. “A Darker Monument” is a stunning accomplishment. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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