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Aeon – Dark Order – CD Review

It's no surprise that Sweden produces many of the world's best Death Metal bands. The scene spawned a subgenre style called Swedish Death (a more melodic style featuring shrill growled vocals), which was exemplified by such acts as Sentenced (early), Afflicted, and Desultory. But from a more chaotic strain was forged a far more jagged rage–the Brutal Death band Aeon.

Aeon has an immensely brutal sound striated with catchy hooks and a napalm kiss of intensity. The vocals are a massive roar of shredding growls, highlighting strategic precision drums, bombastic rhythm arrangements, and incinerating guitar blasts. And all of this having a slight, ghostly Blackened twist crawling beneath its skin.

The most mind-shattering ones of these 6 cuts include “Hell Unleashed,” the thundering “Eternal Hate,” the acidic rumble of “Return Of Appolluon,” and “With Blood They Pay.” This is the beauty in beauty–caustic brilliance tempering a dark grace.

This is creepy cool…

In eulogy, I must mention that Aeon is truly excellent Brutal Death Metal from Sweden, and a unique breed of greatness. So get that “Dark Order,” and shadow an Aeon to come. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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Copyright 2003.
Courtesy of Stranger Aeons Magazine.

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