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Aborym – Kali-Yuga Bizarre – CD Review

Darkness has an abysmal beauty that few bands can truly capture. One band that succeeds at this daunting task is the fearsome Aborym. Combining Melodic Black Metal with Black Thrash is the key to Aborym's harsh radiance on their second opus, “Kali-Yuga Bizarre” [World War III Records].

Interlocking Industrial/Gothic, Black Thrash, and Melodic aggression creates a spooky, powerful rampage. Atmospheric keyboards and samples build the mood, and some more avant-garde elements (e.g. choirs) are used at times as well. Vocal shrieks and Gothic howls slither through somber moments, and raw, furious onslaughts of blasting guitar enmity. Aborym is a master of both extremes.

Songs of apocalyptic note include the creepy, Gothic dread of “Hellraiser,” “Darka Mysteria,” the blistering rage of “Wehrmacht Kali Ma,” and “Metal Stricken Terror Action.” Aborym is fierce.

Overall, this is superior work of true Black Metal devastation. …Ask for nothing less in quality or severity. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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