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A18 – Foreverafternothing – CD Review

When it comes to sheer brutality, few styles are as powerful or as fierce as Metalcore is. One killer band from this genre is A18. Their 2003 opus, “Foreverafternothing” [Victory Records], is as primal as inhumanly possible.

Ferocious, blasting guitar sludge roars across blistering rhythms and deep, jagged grooves. Shrill growled vocals burn through the melodious din, expanding until they explode within this beautiful chaos. This is pure, grinding metallic mayhem designed to obliterate.

Songs of definitive aggression on this slab include “Broke The Blue,” “Scars Upon Scars,” the primordial “Dig,” “With Kind Regards,” the punishing “Bury Me Breathing,” and “Things I Don’t Believe.” A18 is a bludgeoning example of creative violence. And it is very, very good.

In summation, A18 will please anyone into Metalcore. So let it grind…. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. War.

Bill Vogel III
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