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A18 – Dear Furious – CD Review

Equally catchy and caustic, A18 is a Metalcore band of furious glory. Their 2004 opus, “Dear Furious” [Victory Records], is a burning, gnashing assault of relentless aggression. It is both artful and intense….

Shrill, growled vocals burst through explosive, dense rhythms. Guitars are raw, but bleed massive amounts of groove. A18 is sheer, gut-wrenching power.

The best cuts include “The Soundtrack To A Glamorous Goodbye,” the frenzied “Jailhouse Rob,” “Fire In The Hole,” the pummeling “Beating A Dead Horse,” “Stab You Through The Everything,” and “Dear Furious.” A18 is viciously cool.

Overall, A18 has another great release in “Dear Furious.” So, get furious…. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

Bill Vogel III
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