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A Perfect Murder – Unbroken – CD Review

The brutal resplendence of the killer Metalcore band A Perfect Murder is beyond powerful, it is obliterating. Their 2004 debut, “Unbroken” [Victory Records], has a caustic glory that devastates. A Perfect Murder is, well, perfect….

Their unique, crushing brand of Metalcore is dark, with abyss deep grooves that are completely, crushingly massive. Sublime yet visceral, A Perfect Murder cuts an epic vibrance out of writhing ferocity. Punishing guitars blast with a melodic, razor-sharp edge. The vocal growls efficiently burn with rage, complexity, and soul. The rhythms are excellently balanced between intensity and speed.

The very best of these monstrous cuts include the fiery and tenebrous assault of “Another Day, Another Plague,” “Eye For An Eye,” the instrumental “No Pulse In My Veins,” “Speak Without Faith,” the pummeling “Unbroken,” and “Savior.” A Perfect Murder has a nice Gothic influence to their brutality, and phenomenal guitar work.

In conclusion, A Perfect Murder is extraordinary. If you like Atreyu or Bleeding Through, A Perfect Murder will sate your blood-thirst. Remember Johnny Ramone…. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

Bill Vogel III
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