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40 Grit – “Heads”

I’ve got to concentrate.” The debut record for 40 Grit entitled “Heads” (Metal Blade Records) is a hard pounding, in your face, hard rock CD. 40 Grit, James Santiago (Vocals & Guitars), Chris Anderson (Guitars & Vocals), Kevin Young (Bass), Mike Bennett (Drums) are a collective of talented musicians; it’s easy to see from “Heads.” The way the songs sound and how they are structured, it’s fucking amazing! There’s only one reason why the pit would be dead during a set of 40 Grit: everyone is dead. This band is awesome.

To start of with, “Fade Into You” is a killer song, and for me it gets better at the end of the song, acoustic guitars and a tad bit of sampling. Right after “Fade Into You” the hard hitting “Spit” has the pit spinning around you in a feeding frenzy. The vocals for me are great! James Santiago has one of those voices that are real grainy but at the same time really melodic. James also speaks with a low pitch voice in “Ground Zero” which sounds like Phil from Pantera.

The guitar work on “Heads” is something like I haven’t heard in years. Chris Anderson and James Santiago play their axes with such passion and intensity, just listening to the CD I can see a live show in my head with everyone jumping and stomping all over the stage! The low end has its share of blind rage with the devastating poundings of the bass and drums. You gotta love those double kicks! Well, I do.

Heads” will roll August 22nd. Just you watch and see.

Favorite tracks:

  • Sneaky Glass Face
  • Fade Into You
  • Tension

Download “Ground Zero

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