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36 Crazyfists – Bitterness The Star – CD Review

Somewhere between Hardcore, Aggro, and Death Metal is where Anchorage, Alaska's musical kill crew 36 Crazyfists makes its home. Their caustic debut, “Bitterness The Star” [Roadrunner Records], is a roughly hewn masterpiece of sonic aggression. It's a primal, raging slab of sublime, molten hostility.

Brock Lindow's vocals are acidic–polarizing between a crackling, mournful clean howl and explosive, roaring growls. The imperfections can be heard in his voice, but it's these flaws that make it shine. It's emotional and intense, not overproduced. The rhythms are tight, having an almost primitive dynamic. The guitars are fiery and melodic, as the synergy of their sound goes nuclear.

36 Crazyfists has a thoughtful bent to their bloody crusade. Dark days will do that to the poetic. The best songs from this opus include the ferocious “An Agreement Called Forever,” “Bury Me Where I Fall,” “All I Am,” the bombastic cut “One More Word,” and fierce crowning glory of “Turns To Ashes.”

36 Crazyfists is one of the best new bands of 2002. This may be bitterness, but it's still the star. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION. Peace.

Bill Vogel III
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