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3 Doors Down – The Better Life CD Review

3 Doors Down is probably the best thing to come out of Mississippi since B.B. King, musically that is. I do not think Mississippi has too much more to offer, other than music. With the release of the album “The Better Life”, 3 Doors Down look to put their mark on the music industry, which seems to be filled by happy pop tunes. The guys from 3 Doors Down see themselves as a rock ‘n’ roll band, not as a metal or alternative band some people have seem to label them as.

Released on Universal Records, “The Better Life” from 3 Doors Down has been rocking the air ways, and some music video stations with their hit single Kryptonite. Although it is an uplifting rocked out song, the entire album is not like this. There are some slower songs with a dark moody feel to the song. Luckily there are more songs that are uplifting and rocking throughout the album. “The Better Life” is an album about depression, feeling useless and no good, but not giving up on yourself or life’s situations; knowing yourself like no-one else, dealing with inner pain and conquering it before the pain takes control of you. Overall, 3 Doors Down is a step up from the usual mood altering, I hate life music.

With a total of eleven tracks, “The Better Life” by 3 Doors Down is a good album; but I do not think it is for everyone, even though it may grown on you after listening to it a couple of times. Like all music it is for a select group of people that like this type of music. If you are a person that is into music and trying new things, I think you should dip your toe into this album. If you like Collective Soul or Third Eye Blind, then I would suggest you check this album out.

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