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3 Doors Down – CD Review

Once again Republic/Universal Records has signed a terrific band. 3 Doors Down, (Brad Arnold, vocalist/drummer; guitarists, Chris Henderson and Matt Roberts, and bassist Todd Harrell) hail from Biloxi, Mississippi. Though bassist Harrell states, “It’s not really alternative or metal or anything — it’s rock ‘n’ roll”, I see it as heavy yet melodic, metal-edged alternative rock and I LOVED their CD.
I think one of the best compliments I can give 3 Doors Down is….they do not sound like any other band. Though I like the entire CD, I do have my favorites, namely, (and in this order); Better Life, Smack, and By My Side. I hope to see 3 Doors Down in Los Angeles soon. I would love to see a live performance.

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