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SubstAnce D at the Roxy – 1.6.2000

Todd Chaisson of Substance D at the Roxy - Photo: Brian MayIf it were physically possible, I would be kicking my own ass for not seeing this band live a LOT more times and a LOT sooner. I reviewed the CD for Noise Records, SubstAnce D‘s label, some months back, but due to whatever circumstances and/or previous engagements, I had been unable to make it to the past few shows they played out. This is one mistake I will never make again. Well, okay, I hope not to!

There was a packed house at the Roxy last Thursday night. Chapter 23 rocked everyone real hard and warmed us up nicely as they always do, and were followed by a hardcore band called Lack of Interest. Shuvel, who put on an energetic and mosh filled set, kept everyone psyched up. I imagine the majority of the people in attendance were there to see the headlining band, Downset, but there was definitely no lack of enthusiasm for the bands that played prior to their performance.

Substance D on stage at the Roxy - Photo: Brian MayFinally, the moment arrived that I had been waiting for. SubstAnce D, attired in navy blue gas station-style jumpsuits with neon green emblems on them, cranked the volume to full power and hit the stage with authority and eardrum pleasing, sonic attitude. There are three members in this band. However, the sound that emanates from their equipment would convince the average listener that there were at least five. Todd Chaisson (lead vocals, bass guitar) was firmly planted at the helm and commanding the audience. His partners Michael Parnin (guitar, vocals) and T. on drums (and yes, he sings his ass off, too!) provided plenty of background mayhem.

The band opened their electric set with ‘Everyday‘ and forged straight into ‘God‘, ‘My Life‘ (my personal favorite Sub D song) and the “Los Angeles crowd pleaser” ‘California‘. This band rocks so god damned hard. Every song was played with precision, skill, and ultra violent volume. The final songs were ‘Tweek‘ and ‘Again‘ which left many of us standing there with our mouths hanging open.

I guarantee that if you are in the mood to hear and feel some incredible industrial-influenced, agro-metal, then SubstAnce D will be just the thing to satisfy that urge. They’re hard, heavy, and they will kick your ass up and down the block. And you will come right back for more abuse. I know I’ll be at the next L.A. show. With or without you!

Lesa Pence

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