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Slaughter at the Key Club

If you love hard rock/heavy metal and you were not at the Key Club on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood,  on Nov 1st, then you missed a terrific show. Slaughter was, as always, AWESOME. The place was packed and everyone was ready for Mark, Dana, Blas, and Jeff when they finally took the stage at just about midnight. Performing many songs from their hot new CD “BACK TO REALITY”, and several from past albums, Slaughter had all of us in attendance with fists raised high and yelling our lungs out. The place was smokin’.

Just as he did the last time I saw them at the Key Club, when the guitar solo began, Mark disappeared stage left. When the solo ended, Mark’s vocals began but he was nowhere to be seen. Then to audience’s surprise Mark Slaughter was among us. He sang as he made his way through crowd making contact with his fans and back up to the front and onto the stage. The audience loved it. The guys were in great form. Slaughter are some of the best musicians around. When you’re having such a wonderful time enjoying terrific music, it is really difficult when it ends. I could have stayed there forever. GREAT SHOW, GUYS!!

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