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Reviews from the Vans Warped Tour 2000 – Arrowhead Pond

Green Day

Take 1 frenzied mob, lead singer who didn’t take his daily dose of Ritalin, throw in an Operation Ivy cover and a guest guitarist from the audience and you end up with more energy than was released over Hiroshima in World War II. Green Day put on a classic show with all the old favorites – and the crowd loved it. Billy Joe Armstrong and Company pulled no punches, and left the crowd foaming at the mouth for more when their short 30 minute set was finished.


Ever wonder how children can be on the move so much and never tire? They guys in MXPX must have found a way to tap this source! Playing their usual mix of songs plus a few new ones off their new album, The Ever Passing Moment, they bounced around the stage and sang with an energy that didn’t slack until their set was over. Tom got “lucky” when the stage was showered with wallets – he got a new credit card and a set of car keys! This band never had and didn’t disappoint today.

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