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OURS – Solo Acoustic Performance by Jimmy Gnecco at The Viper Room 9.25.02

Jimmy of OURSHollywood, Ca — It was mindblowing.

Last night, I witnessed something so intimate and so revealing, so absolutely powerful and chilling and ultimately devastating that it is nearly impossible to express the way I am feeling in this afterglow. I've never seen someone open himself up so unabashedly. It was just Jimmy and his guitar. The experience of watching and hearing something so astounding was truly a gift beyond measure. And that voice … it was almost inhuman.

As he opened the show, I felt elevated. Chills covered my body and I was thankful for the fact that I'd worn my new velvet jacket. His voice glittered in the warm darkness of the tiny club, and every member of the audience fell silent. So silent in fact, that it was hard to believe. Never, in my 20-year history of attending live concerts have I heard an audience so completely silent. Even the bartenders were quiet. It was a sold-out show at the Viper Room – one of the most industry-clad clubs in Hollywood – and not a peep from a cell phone, a whispering girl, nothing. That's respect, people.

Those who wondered where the rest of the band was were enlightened by Jimmy's explanation. They were currently “sleeping” while we lucky and grateful people were being treated to one of the coffeehouse-styled performances that he has been doing back in his hometown in New Jersey. Apparently, music as a whole is not suffering after all. According to his perspective, there are plenty of 16 and 17-year old kids attending the impromptu shows, eyes closed and really focusing on listening. He felt it important enough to show us that courtesy.

Songs from the upcoming release Precious (Dreamworks) were interspersed with favorites requested by the audience and other, more rare tracks that many of us had not yet heard. One of the more interesting parts of the evening was when he decided to do a cover of the intro portion of Queen'sBohemian Rhapsody“. Unreal.

Jimmy Gnecco's soulful voice cut through that silence like a razorblade; pained yet not, pleading yet comforting, gentle yet brutal. We decided that there was no way he could be of this Earth. He simply must be from another planet, for his voice and his power to inspire such feelings are stellar. He was brilliant and crushing with such obvious passion that he moved each and every one of us. I was shaken to the core. This was something I will never forget. Not ever.

As he left the stage, after finally breaking a string, unplugging, and allowing the audience to help him finish the final strains of “Meet Me In The Tower“, people drew closer to him – wanting the chance to touch him, talk to him, and tell him how much they enjoyed the show. He seemed to return to a more fragile, guarded state as anxious fans began to close in. At that point, as he stood next to me and my eyes met with his icy blues, I felt I should say something. Anything. The only words I managed to form were a simple, “Thank you, Jimmy.”

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