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Glass House — 03/06/99

Earlier this month, I was witness to one of the best shows I have seen in years, kudos to a very cool club in Pomona. Specifically, the Glass House. First up was 20 Dead Flower Children. This was my first time seeing them, and I was impressed with their performance and the message they are sending, abuse against women is wrong. I’m sure it goes farther than that; abuse is just wrong. 20 Dead Flower Children played for about 30 minutes, and like I said, they were very impressive. It looked like they were having lots of fun on stage playing for their fans.

After 20 Dead Flower Children had finished their set, Mygrain came on. These guys are very dark and they put on a killer show. Mygrain is a very energetic band, constantly moving around on stage and keeping the crowd moving along to their gloomy sound. Too bad the bands were limited to only 30 minutes of playtime, I would have loved to have heard more from each of the bands on this bill.

Next up was Livid. I love these guys. If you didn’t see their set, it was broadcast live on the ‘net, so you have no excuse. Livid started out with Canker Sore and with all the lights and smoke, it was hard to be still. The crowd was really bouncing around for Livid. During their set, Livid also played one of my favorite songs of theirs, El Diablo. That song just has a good groove to it and I like it. Livid left the crowd in a trance wanting more. I know I can’t wait for the next time I get to see them play live.

The headlining act was Static-X, who opened with Bled for Days. After all these years, Static-X plays like a well-oiled machine. Their supercharged energy spread out to the crowd and everyone in the Glass House was having a good time. Fix and Push It were among some of the songs on their set list. After about 30 minutes of hard-rocking-trance-core, Static-X left the stage, but the crowd wasn’t letting them off that easy. Static-X returned to the stage, and played two more songs, ending their set with a cover of Ministry’s Burning Inside. That song was truly a great ending to the night. I had a really good time at this show and wish that there were more concerts like this. I found this whole event to be simply amazing.

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