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Daemos at the Whiskey 1.18.00

Victor of Daemos at the Whiskey - Photo: Brian MayThis was definitely a heavy night for the Whiskey and I must say its really cool that people are keeping the heavier side of metal alive and kicking. As sad as it may seem to some people, we are living in the time of Pop and Top 40. To hell with that! I’m going down to the Whiskey and get my ass kicked by the heavy stuff.

Daemos (Victor Baddour – Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Eric – Lead Guitar, Jason St. Aubin – Bass/Backing Vocals and Kevin Wood – Drums) opened up a can of whoop-ass on the crowd when they started off their set with ‘Rely on Denial‘, ‘Two Deaths‘ and ‘On the Rocks‘. You could totally tell that Daemos has a huge following since the whole crowd was singing along with them. I really love it when the crowd is totally into the band that on stage and I’m sure the band digs it too Next up on the set list was a new song called ‘Clik‘ and the song rocks! Next was ‘Exhale the Dry‘ followed by a Slayer cover, ‘Manditory Suicide‘ to end Daemos’s wicked set.

Eirc of Daemos at the Whiskey - Photo: Brian MayDamn, if you haven’t seen a really good and heavy band in a while you should REALLY check out Daemos. They have the intensity and power that you would expect from a hardcore band. If you are in the San Jose area, Daemos is playing at The Cactus Club on February 10th. Do yourself and hard music a favor and see this band!

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