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Blind By Choice, Disengage, Slaves On Dope, and Papa Roach at the Troubadour – 3.20.00

Free Mondays continue to reign supreme!

Last night at the Troubadour was so packed, and so awesome. There was a great vibe in the air from the very moment we arrived at the door. A decent line outside with dressed up, ‘hardcore’ girls in full black,red, and silver glittery regalia. You gotta love that. I was ready to really get into this show, not only because I’ve taken a small vacation from going out to catch up on some things, but because the line up was really solid.

Blind By Choice, a favorite by the promoters of the show on this particular evening, were in great form. They were immediately catching air and blowing out eardrums. The early clubgoers were treated to a really kick ass set from Blind By Choice, and they sound better and better every time I see them play. Speaking to Dave (vocals) later revealed that the band plans to add a fourth member/bassist to the current 3-piece line-up, which is inevitably going to add depth to the sound and a welcome release of all that pent up aggression for Dave. I wish them a lot of success. And I hear they throw a pretty decent after party!

Disengage was pretty cool, although I couldn’t name one song or any of the members. People seemed to enjoy what they did, and those of you who got on the mailing list, please write in so we can learn more about Disengage. All I can remember is a certain preface to one of the songs they performed. The singer said, “This song is about eating pussy.” Hmmm. Hey! HE said it! NOT me!!!!

I have to admit that Slaves on Dope were the main reason I was there last night. This would be the first performance I had seen since finding out the great news that the band has been recently signed to none other than Sharon Osbourne’s ‘Divine Records‘ label, which secured the band a slot on the coming Ozzfest bill. Congratulations to all of the members of Slaves on Dope for a job well done, and recognition well-deserved. I’m sure the “Dopettes” will be expecting laminates, boys.

Slaves on Dope were loud and proud. The aggressive nature that Jason projects onstage is really nothing like his soft and charming in-person style, but more power to him for becoming a total animal when he gets on the mic. Frank’s vocal power, energy, and his ability on bass never cease to amaze me; Kevin treats his guitar like a girlfriend that’s been misbehaving – lovingly administering the proper punishment; and then there is this demure, almost ghost-like, little drummer boy in the back, just bashing his brains out and taking names. No rock star attitude, just pure power and focus.

The band pulled out all the ‘classic’ Slaves On Dope tunes, including my favorites, ‘Tremolo‘ and ‘7-11‘ and you can bet the “Dopettes” were chanting and screaming right along with every single word. Seeing Slaves on Dope is an experience most don’t soon forget.

Papa Roach filled the air of the Troubadour with ‘Dead Cell’ the second they hit the stage and before you knew what was happening, Coby was down in the ‘pit’ with the rest of us. To properly experience Papa Roach is to see them live. I have to say that whoever is merely listening to the ‘Infest’ CD at home, is doing themselves a disservice if they don’t take it that one step further. Get thee to the next Papa Roach show!

I have no compplaints about what I witnessed at the Troubadour last night whatesoever. Okay, maybe just one. EVERY NIGHT SHOULD BE A FREE MONDAY!

Lesa Pence

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