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yuR puPpitt – Four Song Demo CD Review

When two bands by the names of Red Rum and Sonic Kill fused together in 1998, the result was a nuclear explosion the size of which hasn’t been seen since Hiroshima. They call themselves yuR puPpitt, and they amazingly combine the bass-heavy explosiveness of Slipknot with the heavy melodicism of Korn. Mix that with tight production, and you have one of the most potent collection of tunes So Cal has ever heard.

Reigning from the foothills of the San Gabriel Valley, yuR puPpitt is a group of super-energetic guys ready to blow your eardrums and your mind. The band is made up of Tony Riefle on vocals, Damien Lawson on guitars/vocals, Danny Steele on bass, and Scott Izbicki on drums. Their recently released demo features four agro-melodic tunes that are sure to get your head bobbing. Common themes the band addresses in their lyrics are isolation, depression, darkness, and death. This CD is like a bad trip that really kicks ass.

All four songs (“Ice Kold,” “Uncover Me,” “Away Again, ” and “Reach“) feature tormented vocals, heavy bass, and crushing guitars and drums. “Uncover Me” even has ice-cream man chimes blended into the backgrounds. It is this creativity that sets yuR puPpitt apart from the many hard-core bands out there.

Away Again” is an especially eerie song that begins with the sound of children playing, then creepy horror movie music comes into the picture, and finally, the fierce musical explosion ignites. It’s a mom’s worst nightmare, but a metal fan’s ultimate dream.

If you feel that your body is ready for this band, check out their demo or go to one of their highly acclaimed live shows. But here’s a piece of advice…you may want to call in the paramedics and the bomb squad first.

-Rikk eLhaj

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