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True to Form – “Special Edition” CD Review

From the first track off True to Form’s “Special Edition” CD, you know you’re in for a good ass whoop’n. True to Form is sticking with the local heritage and using their Bay Area roots to create a their own style of thrash. With the first track, “Push Away“, True to Form provides your ears with tons of heavy “I’m going to kick you in the face” guitars thanks to vocalist/guitarist Ron Taniguchi and guitarist Steve Schmidt. But lets not forget about the bassist Huge Meydbray and drummer Kevin Jackson, who both pound the crap out of their equipment as if it needs to be punished. And that’s just the beginning. The following three songs continue where the first one leads you and continues to beat you from all different directions.

I can picture a True to Form show with the pits just going nuts on the track “No Escape“. The thunderous drums, along with the sensory attack from the guitars, bass and the dominating vocals will make your mind surrender to True to Form. This is one CD, and band, that would be a perfect fit for anyone who likes the heavier side of music.

If I had to pick one song to be my favorite, it wouldn’t be an easy task. I would just hand you the CD and say “Here. This is my favorite track.” The brutality behind the music is just awesome.

  – brian@unearthed.com

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