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PARISE – 3 Song Demo – CD Review

PariseThe dark, ominous sounds of eighties alterna-goth have long been buried under newer genres and styles of music which have been created since then. However, the So Cal band Parise is attempting to revive this ailing form of music by injecting it with a healthy dose of Y2K angst and energy. The result: songs that are very melodic and catchy, yet creative and powerful.

Parise consists of Christopher Parise on guitar and vocals and David Gordoni on bass (both formerly played with the Los Angeles band Sutter Cain). The band is completed by Stephen Parise on drums and Erin Johnson on keyboards. Together, the music they make is nothing short of elegant. Surprisingly, the band has only been together for less than one year. Yet despite their youth, they have already built a strong following and performed as the opening act for the likes of Jerry Cantrell and Type O Negative. With such early accomplishments and an impressive catalog of music, Parise appears poised for success.

Their newest release is a three-song demo that flaunts the band’s song-writing expertise. The first song, called “Design,” is a tuneful neo-gothic offering that features smooth, deep, and powerful vocals. The lyrics are both complicated and thought provoking: “Is it accident or destiny/ That makes the world go ’round and ’round/ Just fill yourself a glass of misery/ And then be sure to drink it down.”

Parise’s music can often be described as beautifully flowing and peaceful, and no song demonstrates this more than “S.A.F.E.” The depressing lyrics on this track are nicely complimented by haunting background enhancements. The demo finishes with “Without End,” another smooth and euphonious tune. It is a song about a stalker who fantasizes of a never-ending love affair with his victim. The lyrics are honest and foreboding, as Parise first proposes, “Let’s drink up the blood of young innocent love,” then confesses, “You are my last obsession/ You will be sure to know tonight.”

Although reminiscent of eighties alternative, Parise’s music proves to be unique and fresh. With the music industry currently in search of a new direction, the sky’s the limit for this creative and talented band.

-Rikk eLhaj

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