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Lamb of God – “New American Gospel” – CD Review

Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 9/26/00

Lace up your boots and put the horns in the air, its Lamb of God‘s Prosthetic Records debut of “New American Gospel.” This 10-track offering from the Virginia based band is nothing short of industrial strength mosh pit accelerant. If there are any doubts as to how much this band kicks ass, as of this writing, 3 out of the top 5 tracks for the Metal genre are by Burn the Priest, who are now Lamb of God. Pretty fucking good huh?

The madness that Randy Blythe (vocals), John Campbell (bass), Mark Morton (guitar), Chris Adler (drums), and Will Adler (guitar) create in “New American Gospel” isn’t for your typical metalhead; it’s for the metalhead that wants to take it a step further and darker. From the terror stricken raspy vocals to the beating that the bass and drums are taking and the traumatizing onslaught of the guitars, your ears will fall victim to Lamb of God and you too will help spread the “New American Gospel.

New American Gospel“gets better and better every time I play the disc and the louder the better. The opening track, “Black Label” is available over at the Prosthetic Records site, so head on over and download the fury that is “Black Label.”

Lamb of God – “New American Gospel” was produced by Steve Austin (of Today is the Day fame), Chris Adler and Lamb of God.

Favorite tracks:

  • Terror and Hubris in the House of Frank Pollard
  • Pariah
  • The Subtle Arts of Murder and Persuasion

    Brian May – brian@unearthed.com

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