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Hawthorne Heights – The Silence In Black And White – CD Review

In a stark combination of contrasts, Hawthorne Heights fuses Emo and Metalcore into a very melodic and intense offering. Their 2004 opus, “The Silence In Black And White” [Victory Records], is solidly fierce. Hawthorne Heights is Hardcore and melodious.

Using clean, emotive yells and shrill growls, Hawthorne Heights hits a dynamic range. While being heavy, they really aren’t brutal per se. Instead, they use highly melodic and aggressive guitars that bleed hook. Rhythms are loose, yet powerful.

The best cuts include the edgy “Dissolve And Decay,” “Silver Bullet,” “Screenwriting An Apology,” and the surreal explosiveness of “Blue Burns Orange.” Hawthorne Heights is pretty cool.

Overall, Hawthorne Heights is a nice digression from the current storm of Metalcore. Stay savage. Farewell.

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Keep the faith, and the AGGRESSION.

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