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Face to Face – Reactionary CD Review

Okay, you’ve all been waiting forever for a review of “Reactionary” by Face to Face. Sorry, I’ve been busy; I wish I got paid for reviews, but I don’t. So, as I’m sure you can relate to this, my paying gig has detracted from my passion – music.

“Reactionary” is not a standard Face to Face record. If you were expecting that, then be pleasantly let down. The title “Reactionary” explains everything. This album is not about triumphing over all of life’s punishments. This album is about the way that our problems affect us. It is about recovering from and coping with fucked up people who will use and destroy you.

From the first song to the last, Trevor Keith lets all of his emotions bleed into the microphone. This time, he is not saying what he thinks about life; he’s telling you what life has done to him, what it makes him feel.

You can still expect the honest lyrics and aggressive music that you’ve come to expect from Face to Face, just don’t expect answers. In past Face to Face records, you could look to find an attitude of confidence and conquering of a tragedy. In “Reactionary”, you won’t find the answer to “How do I cope?”, but you will find that you’re not the only one. You’re not the only one who has been lied to, cheated on, abused, taken for granted, and hurt. In a most daring way, Trevor Keith expresses all of his frustration and pain. He doesn’t hide any of it, nor does he accept it as “how it is”. He just tells you how it hurts, and why it sucks.

Anyone who has ever been let down by another human being, will appreciate this record. If you are looking for another “You’re fucked, I’m not” punk album, you will be let down. This is a record that admits human frailty. Don’t get me wrong – this record will kick your ass and make you think, just not how you thought it would. This record is about holding onto and preserving yourself despite all of the pain and disillusion.

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