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CHEVA – In Real Life… – CD Review

CHEVA – In Real Life… – CD Review

Highly anticipated “In Real Life…” the 3rd cd from Orange County based Metal band CHEVA has something for all metal genres to rock out to. “We've recorded this CD 4 times in the past two years and it's good to finally have something we know is going to come out how we want. We're not going to release some half-assed excuse for a CD after working on it for three years”, said John Lunden one of two guitarists.

Previously being labeled as a “Rap-Metal” band lead singer Santos Camacho (who was the drummer of an early incarnation of Coal Chamber) brought out a more melodic approach in the latest release. If melodic is your cup of tea songs such as `Outnumbered', `Inside', `Come Full Circle', `Crumble', and `Evolve' will keep you rocking. Two more songs you may like are `Last Light', which is a very “radio friendly” track and `Breaking (new skin)' which is the slowest track on the cd.

Staying true to their metal influences such as Deftones, Tool, Cannibal Corpse, Fear Factory, and Slayer they bring out the hardcore in you with the tracks, `Hateseed', `Dropping', which has a catchy chorus (Hey Hey why can't I live?), `Still Ugly', and `Deli Swiss', which is a tribute to cheesy death metal.

Track Listing:

Out Numbered
Come Full Circle
Deli Swiss
Last Light
Hate Seed
Breaking (new skin)
Still Ugly

The songs `Pieces' and `Pressure' are great examples of how these guys can mix hardcore and melodic styles. `Pieces' is also featured on the Bumfights DVD.

`Blank' is a song, which was revised from their self-titled debut cd from 1996.

This is an awesome cd. Personal favorites are `Pieces', `Outnumbered', `Come Full Circle', `Pressure' and `Evolve'. CHEVA's style has definitely grown over the years. This band has the talent to mix all styles of metal effectively. The band does not repeatedly drown you out with repetitive verses, guitar riffs and distortion similar to a lot of nu- metal & rapcore bands.

CHEVA achieved one of their goals in September 2001 by signing a record deal with Las Vegas based record label Embryo Records. Label mates include Las Vegas's finest rap-metal band 187.

In Real Life… was recorded by Santos Camacho (Vocals) John Lunden (Guitar/back up vocals) Darrel “Bongo” Marmolijo (Guitar) Hector Gonzalez (Bass) Andrew Bogert (Drums.) Bogert is currently drummer for Dreamworks recording artists Pressure 4-5 and was replaced by Jimmy Schultz shortly after the release.

You can check out more CHEVA @ http://www.yocheva.com .

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